Homemade Caribbean Dishes

When you step into JerkQ'zine Caribbean Grille, it is like taking a vacation from ordinary food. We serve up favorite Caribbean dishes like Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Oxtails Stew, Brown Stew Chicken, Ackee & Salt Fish, Mackerel & Banana, Fried Dumpling and much more.

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Caribbean Food Delights

We serve only the best quality Jamaican Style Patties made locally in Tappan, NY. They are baked freshly everyday on premise. We carry both full size and cocktail size patties. Full size patties come in Spicy Beef, Mild Beef, Beefy Cheese, Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Vegetable, Spinach, Spinach & Cheese, Soya and Plantain Tart. The cocktail size varieties are beef, chicken, vegetable and plantain tart. Please call in ahead of time if ordering a dozen or more patties. If you prefer to bake them at home we have baked, microwaveable and unbaked patties located in our freezer section. We also carry their new line of products, Sabrina’s Delights, in Chicken, Beef and Turkey Pot Pie, Chicken Parmesan, Western Style Eggs, Apple Cinnamon, Three Cheese, Guava, Mango, Peach Cobbler and Sweet Plantain.

Royal Caribbean Bakery

Adjoining the famous Royal Caribbean Bakery, allows us to provide the freshest Jamaican bakery products. We serve as the retail store for the general public. We carry Jamaican hard dough bread, whole wheat hard dough bread, spiced fruit bun, Easter Bun, coco bread, bulla, coconut bulla, sugar buns, jackass corn, assorted cakes and custom ordered black fruit cakes.